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    Make your website Sticky

    Today, a common problem on most websites and blogs is the Yo-Yo effect, or, in other words, irregular spikes of traffic. Some days, it reaches a new peak, other, it remains dead (as described here

    So what we want to do is to force your visitors to come back the next day and Darren Rowse from has done an amazing job listing all of the methods you can use to do so.

    1. Make Your Invitations to Subscribe to your blog Prominent
    2. Educate Readers about Your Subscription Methods
    3. Good Blog Design [it's your first impression after all!]
    4. On Site Branding (New readers should know what your blog is about at a first glance)
    5. Make Your Blog Personal
    6. When you get a rush of traffic to one particular post….
    7. Get Interactive
    8. Add a ’subscribe to comments’ feature to your blog
    9. Respond to Comments
    10. Offer alternative ways to subscribe
    11. Promote social media connecting points
    12. Highlight Your Best Content
    13. Create Momentum With Your Content
    14. Consider Removing Dates on Old Posts
    15. Give Incentive to Subscribe
    16. Keep Posting Frequency Up
    17. Create an Engaging About Page
    18. Add a Community Area or Forum
    19. Social Proof
    20. Target Readers with Specific Messages
    21. Sticky Content
    22. Monitor Your Stats
    23. Use Video
    24. Membership
    25. WP Sticky
    26. Niche Blogging - Staying On Topic
    27. Create a Debate
    28. Write a Reference Page
    If you want the see the original articles:

    Any other idea to share?

  2. Great tips. Covered almost all that you need to make your blog sticky.

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