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Thread: Moving Permalinks and directory

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    Moving Permalinks and directory

    I have a good blog with 1000 post and i think it suffer beucase the permalink and directory is gone.


    How can i move it to for example /news and do /category/postname

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    Simple :
    Admin Panel,
    there you could add in anything in the 'custom structure' (i'd prefer /%postname%/)

    My suggestion, DON'T DO IT..
    Cosidering the amount of content and stuff you have, it'll hurt, you MAY lose PR/drop the the SERPs, etc..
    Even if you are really insistent on doing, i'd suggest you install a plugin (redirection related) that'll automatically redirect the old addresses to the new ones.

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    Using the category in the permalink can be a bad idea if you put any posts in more than one category. That creates multiple URLs leading to the same post, which creates a duplicate content problem with the search engines.

    If you think that adding keywords to the URL will give you a boost in the search engines, you will probably be disappointed. Keywords in the URL only helps to form the keyword theme for a page. The effect upon ranking is minuscule. You are better off writing unique content and setting up inbound links to your posts.

    I also recommend that you leave the permalink alone. The permalink is not causing whatever problem you think you are experiencing.
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