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Thread: moving of WP blog hosting to new server

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    i have a blog Pr 1 and recently changed its hosting to new host and i use importing method for the posts data. i make a new data base for it and import pots and data from old blog admin area. i have watched youtube videos for moving they ask to just download DB and blog folder and replace your new db name in confg.php and that's it but it's does not work with it.
    one think previous host root folder is public_html and new is httpdocs do u think that is the reson OR.
    plz tell me because i am moving to Blue Host in few weeks.
    WAnts replies of this .

    best regards;
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    Well, it seems you got everything right. You need to insert the new database name and password in wp-config.php .

    But what exactly doesn't work? Maybe your site needs to have all the permissions set as on the old hosting?

    Set everything up exactly as on the old one. If you have shared hosting, public_html = httpdocs, so no worries about that.

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    See if you're following all the steps outlined in this tutorial:
    [ame=]How to move a wordpress blog from one server to another - The Freelance Forum[/ame]

    It might help you out

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    Easy method of moving wordpress to new host is this

    Tutorial – How to move Wordpress site to a new server or host

    If you follow the tutorial correctly it should work fine, if not working means you missed or did not follow some step(s).

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    You may have a corrupt database file. Any way to download a new copy from the old server?

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    Some servers like hostgator help you transfer as well sure blue do not do that?

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