Hi Guys,

Need some help with editing wordpress. Hoping that someone here could help me with where to change the code and what to change it to. Yes I did try to google it. I spent 40 min to no avail. It might help if I knew what to type in the search box LOL

Ok here are my two edits that I would like. I work better with pics.

I hope that this will be a simple clip copy paste. If you guys could tell me what to change that would be great

When you login to wordpress on the left side click all users you will have a page that looks something like this if you
have set up for users.

As you can see it shows all the subscribers in alphabetical order That is what I would like changed. I would like the order to be the most current subscriber first. It is a pain to search all the new users out by name It woud be much easier for me if all the New user were listed on the same page or the order that they joined.

More less if you joined my site right now you name would be at the top of the list. Then when the next person joined they would be the top of the list and you would move down to and so on, and so on..

Second Edit

When you join a wordpress site you get a screen that look like this.

Then you get a password e-mailed to you that looks like this.

What I would like to do is change that letter it sends people to something more personal with more information about my site.

Also by changing that letter around and adding more words to it I think/hope the spammers, and splogger that use bots will have a harder time because the user name and password would be buried in the email letter sent and not on the first two lines as it is now.

Hoping that someone can help me make these changes.

Thanks in Advance