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Thread: Which plugin do you use for social bookmarking?

  1. Which plugin do you use for social bookmarking?


    Which plugin do you use for social bookmarking? Are you happy with it?

    I use Sociable. Does is job properly.

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    I like to use Social Bookmarking Reloaded plugin.

    Simply, it's customizable via CSS and have adds a list of xHTML Compliant graphic at the end of posts.

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    I like the share this plugin. It is easy to use.

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    I use OnlyWire plugin and am happy with it.

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    I've been using for quite a while but its quality and efficiency has been decreasing day by day.

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    Plugin is good if you have one or two blogs.

    But when you made hundreds of websites on keyword base than best option is to hire social bookmarking service provider.

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