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Thread: Plugins to increase comments?

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    Smile Plugins to increase comments?

    Hi, There are plugins that get people to engage in conervsations. Could you recommend a few. Thanks.

  2. Subscribe to Comments-> Makes people subscribe to future comments, they may come back to share their openion.
    Thank me later-> Thanks the commentator, and you leave a personal touch that may get him back.
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    Just make your blog dofollow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokieyah View Post
    Just make your blog dofollow
    That's not the type of comments you want to attract.

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    Add the do follow and take comment moderation off.

    Install wp spam free plugin so the bots do spam you.

    Quote Originally Posted by dcristo View Post
    That's not the type of comments you want to attract.
    You will get a lot of marginal comments to be sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcristo View Post
    That's not the type of comments you want to attract.
    It can attract lot of spam, but there are some webmasters who are prudent in
    their replies sticking to the topic and adding value to the post also albeit for backlink. But as long as the comments are helping you, it doesn't matter

  7. I just installed Disqus for Wordpress.

    As of yet no comments (because nothing much to comment on) but I do hope that it will let users feel more enclined to comment due to the simple login and it works across all Disqus enabled sites which are definately growing.

    I'll have to see how it goes though.

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    Over the past month, and this ongoing month I have been working in increase page views for my site by whatever means. Here is a post I did on it: Turning Your Weakest Link Into a Winner!

    Adding Subscribe to comments was my biggest winner last month. In regards to increasing comments you may get some follow up comments this way, so I would say good to use. For me though, it works great because it turns one time postsers/visitors into return visitors. Return visitors over time can become fans of site, are more likely to comment, and do what I wanted...increase page views.
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    On some of my blogs I've made them dofollow via the CommentLuv plug-in. Really easy to get going and smart forum posters know how to search for it within Google.
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    I really love comment luv plugin. But beware I got ban on one of my sites not cause I used do follow plugins, but because I did not take the time to visit the links which the comments pointed to. Was really a mess trying to clean it up

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