Wordpress’ SEO friendly URL structure makes it a highly recommended blogging platform for those looking to achieve great search results for target keywords. Even though Wordpress is great for SEO purposes, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do any SEO work on your own. The way in which
Wordpress is coded is what allows search engines to pick up on domains running Wordpress. The coding structure is built according to guidelines outlined in search guidelines launched by Google. All you need to do is provide the script with a title and a domain name, and the script uses that information to display the needed SEO tags. We will be taking a look at some of the Wordpress SEO benefits throughout this article.

Wordpress SEO Plugins

Several dozen SEO plugins are available in the Wordpress plugin archive, but only a few of them have been known to offer an increased level of benefit. A very popular Wordpress SEO plugin is “Wordpress SEO by Yoast”. This plug-in is currently being used on several thousand blogs and it has been known to have significant improvements in terms of search rankings. In order to start using the plugin, simply activate it and browse to the settings page. The settings page would allow you to add specific titles, keywords and descriptions for the site.

Wordpress SEO Friendly URLs

Once you’ve installed Wordpress for the first time, the permalink structure is set to the default one, which is not SEO friendly. In order for the URL to be SEO friendly, you need it to contain the page title or post title. How many times have you noticed websites with URL’s that have a bunch of letters and numbers? In the permalinks settings in the Wordpress control panel, you will notice there are a few optional structures you can choose from. Select any structure that allows the post title to show up in the URL. As long as you have bulk of the keywords in the URL, it should be perfect for ranking purposes.

Wordpress SEO Themes

There are a few themes made just for Wordpress that help with the overall SEO efficiency of your website. A good example would be the Stallion Wordpress Theme. This theme comes in over thirty colours and offers the site owner a lot of room for customization. When it comes to SEO, several aspects of your page influence the overall ranking it achieves. Such things include thumbnails, image tags, header tags, H1 headers, indexed search pages and sitemaps. All these features are built into the theme and they greatly help your website.

I personally love using Wordpress as it’s extremely easy to use and customize. There is not another content management system that offers the level of flexibility of that of Wordpress. Even if you already have a theme for your Wordpress blog, it could be easily altered using the edit theme option in the control panel. For those looking to build up their rankings on their blog, considering using Wordpress SEO plug-ins!