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Thread: Send email to commentators?

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    Cool Send email to commentators?

    I like to send out an email to all people that have commented on my blog during the years. Is there any plug in or other way to do this?

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    Since they didn't opt-in or give you permission to do so, it would be considered spam.

    You don't want to piss off readers - especially not those who comment.

  3. You can get the user_email field from the wp_users table:
    mysql>select user_email from wp_users;
    Then you can put it in whatever email program you like.
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    Theres a plugin to do this...can't remember off the top of my head what it's called though. I'd never use it since its just spamming your viewers :/

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    Well yes i know i am spaming my viewers but i am moving from WP to VB so i need to inform them that the old will be gone.

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    This should achieve what your trying to do

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