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Thread: Should/Will Google Buy WordPress?

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    Well, if I were google, I would have tried my best to go ahead with the deal.
    But if I were Matt, I would try to keep wordpress with myself and do whatever it would take to keep wordpress at the top and progressing.
    Was I contradicting?..:P

  2. I'm sure that Google have a hidden desire for Wordpress, bu Matt will never sell it, I won't.
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    Google buying wordpress is very possible, because this is business world. Anything can happen.

    But if google buy WP, what is blogspot mean for google? I think, if google buy WP, that's mean google lose their competition on blog platform business.
    With their fund, i just wonder, why google can't develop blogspot?

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    I actually think it will be good if Google buys Word Press. They have top notch developers and they should improve it.
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    I think they shouldn't buy it. Then they might do something with all the linking and stuff.

  6. After seeing what Google has done with Feedburner after they bought it (which was NOTHING!), I am totally against them buying WordPress.

    Even this hypothetical situation is making me nervous!

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