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Thread: Show one category on other page

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    Show one category on other page

    I have a domain wordpress on and i want to show the latest post from two different categories on my separately.

    How can i do this in a easy way?

    I also like to show the latest comments on the main url.

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    i'm not sure how to do it either but i wanted to have this kind of page too.
    i thik joomla has this feature.

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    Category Page (WP plugin) # Pixline

    This plugin allows to connect Pages to Categories, and let you display a Page’s content on top of category archives. It’s a perfect companion for WordPress, especially if you are planning to use it as a CMS system, more than a blog.

    It let you write a Page, and use its content as a fixed header for your category archive, using a special template tags. It will not help you to show some kind of category-related content in your pages or elsewhere,

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