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Thread: Spam Comments on WP

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    Spam Comments on WP

    Lately I've been getting those spam comments a lot more than before. I have turned on the Akismet plugin and it does filter most of the spam comments I get.

    What is annoying me right now is the Popularity Contest plugin which shows the most popular posts based on views, pings, trackbacks and comments. All the spam comments the posts get are counted towards the popularity of that post. I have one post that got 200's of comments which apparently were only spam and only around 50 views. But it is listed as the most popular post.

    So I changed the popularity values where comments is valued with only 1 point whereas before it was 20.

    I do wish there was a way for all those spam comments to be completely deleted WITHOUT even getting into my spam box.

    Any suggestions?

  2. This might be a better solution:
    How do I recount my comments/trackbacks

    If you have received comment spam or just need to recount your comments/trackbacks for any reason, you can use the 'Reset Comments/Trackback/Pingback Counts' button on the Options > Popularity page. If comment spam is an ongoing problem for you, you may want to set up a CRON job to run this script every night. This example will run the recount every night at 3am:
    0 3 * * * wget -q
    Source: Popularity Contest README
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    Aah... thanks, Will...

    Where do I put the CRON job code though?

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    Easy way is if you have cpanel you would go to cpanel>>Advanced>>Cron jobs

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    Thanks Will and Bill for the information. I did have same question but I guess I don't want to run some Cron Job rather would like to delete the comments or block the spam comments. I am using Akismet and its working great so far. 98% time it blocked the SPAM but still.

    Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated. Thank you

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