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Thread: Speed up Wordpress by removing comment option

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    It Depends a lot on the purpose of your site. If its a niche based website like Travel or health and u are using wordpress as a CMS then always remove comments from single.php else if its blog where your memebers or visitors communicate with each other by commenting, then comments cant be removed.
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    Joost de Valk has a presentation on his site about speeding up WordPress. He gave the presentation at a European conference.

    40 WordPress Optimisation tips - Yoast - Tweaking Websites

    Pick and choose your optimization changes. I don't agree with everything he says, but there are some good tips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keynes
    I'm trying to speed up Wordpress, make it operate faster, and one of the steps that I've taken is to remove the 'comment' option on one of my blogs, so that no-one can comment on it.
    I was considering doing this anyway, but what finally made me decide to go ahead and do it was a claim by someone that 99% of comments on blogs are 'comment spam'.
    Would you remove the comment option on your blog?
    I wouldn't remove the comment option on my blog.

    If people actually take the time to read my blog, register, and comment, I feel it's only right that I take the time to clear the spam and respond to the valid comments.

    Those people actually motivate me to write the blog, else it would just be a webpage, no?

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  4. Matt Cutts recently went public with the news that blog comments, and all other nofollow links, now leak PageRank away from your site.

    The PageRank doesn't go to the link destination, it just evaporates.

    People will soon be disabling comments, putting comments in iframe's, using complex JavaScripts to display comment links, or removing all links from comment areas.
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