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Thread: Thumbnails wont show

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    Thumbnails wont show

    I went to look at my site today and all the thumbnails on the main page are displaying 404 not found errors. I checked on the server and all of the images are still there. I did nothing to the site before this happened. It worked yesterday and then today it didn't. The site is - Conservative News, Political Blog, Breaking News Commentary. Thanks

  2. Did you updated seo plugin or blog software . This happened with me and allmost 40% of my posts and images went 404 .

    you can use this plugin [ ] and I hope all 404 error will move and blog start working fine .

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    I literally didnt do anything to this site. The last posts were made on friday, with zero changes to the site other than that. I installed that plugin and it doesn't seem to work.

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    dedicated or shared server? If you did nothing as you mention and your on a shared the company could have updated something on the server which is now conflicting with your wp. Might contact your host what changes were made and see if they can roll back or ask wp for a work around.

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    I have VPS, and there have been no recent updates. Anyone else have any idea what this could be?

  6. I see your thumbnails loading just fine.

    What is that small black dot above the word Contribute in the main menu?

    The word "Register" seems to fall outside it's background.

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