Wordpress is one of the simplest things to install. I would direct you to the "Handy Guide" They have, however, I do not think it has pictures, and in this case pictures are wonderful thing to have. So let me try and walk ya through it step by step. Keep in mind I suck at explaining as well so I think the pictures will help .

Some steps will have footnotes so look for them when they pop up . Check the steps off as ya go lol.. If ya done them then it's fine go onto the next step .

Step 1.Download

The First step obviously is ya need to download it. Here Download wordpress

Step 2. FTP Access and Transfer

The Second step involves opening up your FTP Program or your File Manager. Both work but the FTP program will be used by me when explaining this. Next Open the FTP program up, go into your site, make a directory, or keep it in the root of your site. (Root being the main area, right after you click public_html depending on the host). Your going to open up the download of Wordpress and drag and drop all the files from the zip file into your site.

Relate to picture below.


Next redirect your url to your site where wordpress is located as such http://www.yoursite.com/directory or if you have it in the main part of your site just take directory off, and after that it will take you to a page letting you know that the next page your going to have to fill in some information.

Picture provided:

Continue on, and it will then ask you to create a config file.

Pictures below.

Step 4: Database Information

After clicking the Create Config File it will ask you random information that only you or your host would know. Picture below:

Fill in the information, and click the button at the bottom to proceed, either it will continue or show an error.

If it cannot write to your config sample for some reason (my host wouldn't let it) it will give you some instructions of copying and pasting the information they give you into a notepad file or something and saving it as wp-config.php. Once this is done if you have to do it, you just drag and drop it back into your site and continue.

Step 5: Filling in the site information

After everything is said and done, and you have created the config it will then take you to a page that asks you for some site information, password, username, and email. Picture below:


Once all that information is filled in, click install .. and your set !!! Make sure to remember the password you put, because it's going to require you to access the admin panel after installation. Fill that info in, and hit submit and your taken to your admin panel where you can mess with whatever you like .

ADDED SUGGESTIONS: During the making of this, I made it for a previous poster who needed to know how to install wordpress. This is the original version of that tutorial. I may clean it up a bit in the future, but I plan on going further with these tutorials, to even helping people setup their databases.

Anyways, after adding this, a user commented and said that if you have cpanel, they have a nifty feature called fantastico, that will install the wordpress for you. Since I am old school, I do it manually rather then letting fantastico do it for me.

Before I say anything about doing anything after that... mess around with wordpress a bit, and check it out and what does what, and refer to the wordpress site. They have tons of goodies, and info you can use, that can help better than myself.

I hope this helps you at least to install it !!

If you have any questions feel free to ask

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