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Thread: Two WordPress Comment Related Questions

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    Cool Two WordPress Comment Related Questions


    I am a total WP noob :P I was on blogger for 3-4 years now I am switching.

    I am sorry if the questions are stupid.

    - How do I highlight author comments?
    - How do I make the latest comment appear on top?

    Thank you

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    Any way to do the first thing without a plugin?

    Sorry for the trouble, Brandon.

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    I am sorry but I only know how to do it with a plugin.

  5. @kapilc This is what you are looking for:

    Btw have a look at this thread, the post's may may interest you:
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    Thanks for the help people.

    I have decided not to use the author highlight thing as Farrhad made me read that thread and i agree with those views

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