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Thread: updating can't get through, whatpossibly is the reason here?

  1. updating can't get through, whatpossibly is the reason here?

    every time i update my wordpress this error occur which iswhy i'm still using WordPress 2.8.6.

    i entered the correct hostname, user and password but it seems not going thru..

    Downloading update from
    Unpacking the update.
    Verifying the unpacked files
    The update could not be unpacked
    Installation Failed
    anyone experienced this too?

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    It happens that the automatic upgrade doesn't work. You will need to do a manual upgrade.

    Read this on how manually upgrade your Wordpress installation:
    Updating WordPress WordPress Codex

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    Wordpress automatic updates suck!

    Do it manually.

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    agree don't use any auto update for wordpress and plugin ... mostly fail big time ...

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