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Thread: What is the Best WP Plugin to Restrict Comment Spam?

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    Exclamation What is the Best WP Plugin to Restrict Comment Spam?

    Any suggestions on other Wordpress Plugins to restrict comment spam?

    I'm currently using the Did You Pass Math? Wordpress Plugin to limit comment spam. It was working well at first, but now I'm getting hundreds of spam comments.

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    Try Akismet, a spam filter

  3. Akismet...FTW!

    But sometimes it can get beaten.

    The best thing you can do is block IP's. I have noticed that on my blog each IP gives around 100 spam comments. So blocking IP's will drastically reduce spam.
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    You can use a captcha, it is very effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mac View Post
    You can use a captcha, it is very effective.
    Well, I think captchas are very annoying. Try the kind that gives you a simple math question instead. (5 + 5 = ?)
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    Using a captcha image after each post is the best.

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