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Thread: What do you think of Premium Themes?

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    I'm a finicky coder. I love elegant themes, though, because they look fantastic. Still, I find it more rewarding and better for identity to create my own.

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    IMO, all premium theme designs and looks are great enough. But, it usually heavyweight so it's bad on loading times.

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    yupp ...
    agree with gilang ....
    the loading times is bad ... especially when people have slow internet connection ...

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    I think there's some premium theme that run lightly and it use to be WP theme that changed for blogger. Just make sure don't put it too much images on it.. (especially big size one)

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    I think premium themes are here to stay, but then again, I am launching a premium-theme-related business next month.

    But seriously, if the company is selling great themes, I don't see the problem with charging for it. We'll be offering a lot more than just WordPress themes, too, so the value will be even more increased.
    17th July 2009. It's coming.

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    I do not think it is worth spending on Premium themes as most of the Premium ones are flooded on Warez forums.

    What's the f-in use?

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    ElegantThemes.Com makes rocking Premium WordPress templates for 20$ a year, it's a should-buy for every serious blogger IMO.

    Premium Templates to me, can give a lot more extras to your blog that normal templates can't. I'm not saying that if you have a premium theme you're more serious with what you're doing, but most of the bloggers now a lot can be done with these themes

    About the case that most are on warez, well that's true, but do you risk using them? And if you really like the template, you should buy the template instead of downloading, the creator had a lot of work with it I'm sure.

    As soon as any of my blogs are running well, I'm mostly giving them a new look by buying a premium theme or creating a unique one for myself.

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    Premium themes are quite good if you customize them, as they become almost unique then.

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