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Thread: What? Links now gone from wordpress in the admin side?

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    What? Links now gone from wordpress in the admin side?

    Loaded up wordpress a few minutes back on a new domain.
    And Bam!
    On the admin side, no longer a LINKS shown!
    Now just showing everything but LINKS.
    Just a widget saying META, with Log in/out, admin, feed and WordPress link.
    Am guessing now, if you want links on the sidebar you have to get a widget and hard code them.

    Anyone else see this yet?

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    The Links section was removed in WordPress 3.5.x. If you were using that section prior to the update it should still be there, but if not, it was removed. A statement from the WordPress development team said that a plugin adds the feature back in.

    This is the plugin that adds the Links section back in.

    WordPress › Link Manager � WordPress Plugins

    The WordPress team is pretty smart, but not always brilliant.

    Actually, I think it has always been a bad idea to include long lists of sidebar links to other sites on all pages in a site. Penguin penalized some sites that were doing this, which could have been the driving factor for the removal due to the default list of links pointed to WordPress sites. I have always modified my themes so that the Links section only appears on the home page and I limited the number of links to 4 or 5.
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    Thanks for that.
    Same here, I started dumping links on my sidebars.
    But it just was something I noticed right off the bat.

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