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Thread: Word Press 2.8

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    I have not had too much time to check 2.8 but I do like some of the changes.

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    I don't like jumping into changing my wordpress version to the latest one, for the reason that i'm sure there are still some undiscovered bugs

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    I always wait (like said up^) there are always bugs to be discovered.

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    Its soo different. Still getting used to it. It has that web 2.0 feel to it

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    Oh! I never knew a new version was out :P I'll give it a shot.

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    Just starting my first WP blog, so I don't know how the older versions were, but i like WP.

  7. I like 2.8, but I heard it was causing a ton of problems for many people. I have yet to find a problem on either one of my blogs of course!

    But I love the new widgets panel...but what the hell were they thinking when redoing the plugins interface? It's so unorganized...

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