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Thread: wordpress 3.1

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    So far any positive response from anyone for wp 3.1 ?

    I heard that its having problem related to comments stuff in 3.1 ? Is that true ?


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    I am very positive about the latest version.
    I like it, I like wordpress.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    Right, so basically the WP team just came out again with more untested crap, and people rushing in to upgrade get a few extra headaches...

    Good, I'll just sit and wait for a few weeks/months.
    I am so terrified of Wordpress security issues that I upgrade as soon as a new release becomes available.
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    It’s really great to use the new version of the WordPress, There are many more features included in it. Try it out you will like it

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    I am so terrified of Wordpress security issues that I upgrade as soon as a new release becomes available.
    It takes less time fixing a hacked WP site than constantly updating all WP sites (that is if you have xx - xxx (or more) WP sites). If it's important not to have more than few hours (sleep time, relax time) downtime due to hacking or other issues than the site should not be on WP anyway. Plus what if the plugin that is not being updated is the one that is vulnerable?

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    Somewhere there is a plugin or server script that will update all your wp blogs instead of going to each one and updating.

    I still say, it is best to upgrade.

    And yes, the only problems I have when I upgrade relate to theme or some plugin.
    But that is simple to fix.

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    I updated and I dig the admin bar
    other than that I haven't noticed much
    I don't mind the updates at all in word press, they can all be done from inside the admin panel with very little issues.
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    this is what i found : newer version of wordpress request more resource then previous version (base on my heavy loaded site) ....

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    Buddies, I developed a plugin to automatically update all of your blogs on auto-pilot. This will be a standard feature of WP Tycoon which is my way of paying the bills in these hard economic times. More info on this later ...

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    WordPress › WordPress Automatic upgrade WordPress Plugins

    The Instant Upgrade plugin for WordPress Zirona

    Personally, I would not use a plugin to update any of my blogs. Too many things could go wrong if a plugin will do the upgrades automatically.
    Lot easier for me, and less stress and trouble for me, to do it from the blog whenever wordpress updates.

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