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Thread: wordpress 3.1

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    wordpress 3.1

    anyone try it yet ???
    it look promising ...

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    I haven't tried it yet. The new internal linking feature is interesting. It seems that there is a feature to search old posts on the blog and add links into the content.

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    Looks good... when 3.1.2 is out.

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    Yep. There are always bug fixes following the release of a new level for WordPress. I will wait for the bug fixes, which also gives the plugin authors time to catch up.
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    No issues for updating a few blogs to it...though I have not tried out any new "features/bugs" either...

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    The main thing is the admin bar above your blog when you are logged in.

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    Got all my blogs updated to latest version.

    Weird is two of my blogs...what happened in the admin side.
    One blog now shows only icons for the dashboard.
    Another blog now does not allow me to add pics and links to my posts.

    So working now to try and get those two blogs back into the correct mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Another blog now does not allow me to add pics and links to my posts..

    I updated only one and it is doing the same thing I can't add pictures

    If you find how to fix it let me know.


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    Bah, I'm getting fed up with these updates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetrapak View Post
    Bah, I'm getting fed up with these updates.
    agree too much and too fast .....

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