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    WordPress 3.3

    I upgraded via the automatic method in the Dashboard, it seemed to go smoothly. It seems like the admin area has been made more slick with pop-out menus and drag and drop of media to the edit area. But still the same familiar look and feel for the most part I think.

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    Give it a week and version 3.3.1 will be out with the bug fixes.

    It doesn't appear that anything useful was added to this version. It's mostly bells and whistles for the admin area.
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    And I don't like those bells and whistles!
    Irritating all those popups to tell me what is new.
    Dismiss seems so far to eliminate them from showing up again.
    Changed the media so it looks worse than before!

    And odd, but on one blog, in visual I can continue to copy and paste as before.
    But on another blog, I can not copy and paste as before, unless I switch to html...

    Sure, there will be another update within 5 days!

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    I too will wait I tried updating a few plugins they must work only with the new wp because they don't seem to be working with the one I have so I had to put the old plugins back on.

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    I'll update when 3.3.2 is out as typically WP team screws everything before that.

  6. I lost my plugin functionality due to updating from WordPress 3.3. My plugin is not compatible with new WordPress CMS system.

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    Wordpress Version 3.3.1is working good. There hasn't been as many Wordpress updates this year.

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    Has not had any problems with his blogs.

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