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Thread: WordPress 3.4 is Available

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    WordPress 3.4 is Available

    WordPress 3.4 "Green" has been released.

    It looks like a "bells and whistles" update.

    The TwentyTen and TwentyEleven themes have been updated. Still no TwentyTwelve theme.

    I will probably install it on one of my test sites this weekend to see what it looks like.
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    Got it already installed on my blogs!

    Some interesting stuff on this update.

    Once I get bored, will check out everything.

    Oh, some sort of integration with twitter.
    Must check that out.

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    Time to wait for 3.4.1 or .2 , even tough I've updated a few and I don't regret it this time...

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    Ya, no issues with this one I've experienced so far...

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    There are no bugs with the new version. Just be sure to do a full backup before upgrading. I know if you are running your blog on the genesis framework, you will get a small error in the admin panel but it will not affect your blog at all. The genesis team will fix this in there next framework release in which they working on right now. Visit there support forum for details as i'm not a employee of them and don't speak for them.

    The twitter embed feature I have not used yet but it is a cool feature to have.

    For more detailed info on this WordPress upgrade, check out this page. Version 3.4 WordPress Codex
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snakeair View Post
    There are no bugs with the new version.
    There's no such thing as a bugless software, still I must confess this is the first time I see a decent major release of WP.

  7. I still haven't updated it on most blogs. I'm afraid some plugins might stop working, I got a bunch of sites with over a dozen plugins and some are customized too. WP update is always a hassle.

  8. Thanks for your share wordpress update information. I will try to integrated with my blog.

  9. 3.4.1 is already served is it safe to update?
    I'm now skeptic to some updates as the last time I update one of my wordpress blog, it mess up some of the files that I've edited. I end up reinstalling a new one.

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    I have yet to have any problems updating.

    But do as I do before updating....make a full backup.....

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