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Thread: WordPress 3.7 Has Been Released

  1. I was scared to download the new WP for all of my sites without even knowing about the new auto update feature. Now I really want to wait. I just hate seeing that little update message all the time. If I decide to wait much longer I'll have to go into the admin file and hide it.

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    I think it's a dumb idea to store unused plugins and themes on your server that are tied into the WordPress script which they all are since they appear in the Dashboard. Of course, the plugins and 1 theme that you have activated should not be deleted. This approach would make WordPress more secure since there would be no chance for exploits to be programmed in via any linkages between the supposedly idle scripts and the WordPress admin code.

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    I am seeing some issues with plugin compatibility with 3.7.1. I did one update where the entire site crashed.

    Fatal Error: Call to undefined function wp_get_current_user()

    The fix was to delete a couple of plugins using FTP. I don't know which one caused the crash. It was either amazon-products-in-a-post-plugin or backupwordpress.
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