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Thread: WordPress Attack Underway: WordPress Users Must Upgrade [ALERT]

  1. People were warned 1 - 2 months ago there were some security updates. There is no reason for not updating.

    If someone did not update, and their site was hacked - I'am sorry but you knew this day would come.

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    Thanks for warning,

    just update my blog. ")
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    The automatic WordPress update stopped working for me with version 2.8.2. It was working prior to that.

    If you have not been hacked, all that you need to do is to copy the 2.8.4 files over the old files and run /wp-admin/update.php. I just updated a version 2.7 blog and had no problems with the update. Most of my other blogs used newer versions.

    These almost continual WordPress updates are getting to be a real pain in the rear, but this situation shows why it is important to keep up with the updates.
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    If you are updating and old wordpress 2.5 or older. You should use the new wp-config-sample.php file and copy you db info into it.

    Using the old wp-config.php may give you some problems as there is new info in the more current file.

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    It's not like it's hard to back up the database and click a button...

    Also, read: WordPress › Blog How to Keep WordPress Secure
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    I have also just updated all blogs to 2.8.4

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    Just an Update to All : This vulnerability can be exploited only for WP versions between 2.8.0 and 2.8.3

    Here's an article i found on Vladimir Prelovac's(Extremely well-known Wordpress Plugin developer and SEO expert) Blog :

    WordPress versions between 2.8.0 and 2.8.3 have a major security issue which allows anyone (not just hackers, but literally anyone) to change the admin password on your blog in a matter of minutes. Full info can be found *snipped for security reasons*
    Version 2.8.4 was created to remedy that and I hope most of you already upgraded.
    Many people will not click the upgrade link right away and even more will not bother to read the explanation on the development blog about the latest patch.
    My feeling is that in a situation like this where security is severely compromised I feel WordPress should have another mechanism of displaying big red warning advising the user to upgrade immediately or even performing the upgrade by itself.

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    You can reset password, not change it with the one you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Come View Post
    You can reset password, not change it with the one you want.
    Resetting is as good as changing as far as you know what the password is and its only you who know it.

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    hmmm..done!! allmost hurt myself..didn't know about that

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