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Thread: Wordpress blog error 404 pages

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    Wordpress blog error 404 pages

    I just visited one of my blogs and to my horror, the inner pages were error404. Later in my email box I saw an email about updating "Please update!" so I followed that link. Then I logged in to the Admin area where it seemed to be working OK. But my content pages/posts are all error404 (not found). Only the home page shows up OK.

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    Did you find the problem? If they are WordPress sites, it sounds like the automatic update to 4.0.1 did not go smoothly.

    Weird things can happen with with updates and plugin or theme conflicts.
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    Not sure, what it was, maybe because I hacked the config file to run the same script with various domains? Anyway, I exported the posts ok to XML and re-generated the site with Otaku CMS.

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