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Thread: Wordpress & Domain Change :: Urgent Help..!!

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    Red face Wordpress & Domain Change :: Urgent Help..!!

    Hey Guys,
    I'll be needing some quick help here.
    Ok, i've installed wordpress in a folder in my shared hosting account, say :
    'Domain 1' was pointing to this folder when i set up the site and after completeion of the site i decided to use 'Domain 2' for the site.
    So from my 'Domain Pointing Manager' i set up 'Domain 2' to point to the /xyz/ folder where Wordpress is installed. So now 'Domain 1' and 'Domain 2' both are pointing to the same folder.

    Everything is kinda fine, when i type in 'Domain 2' in the address bar, the site opens and works fine but all other pages apart from the homepage have the address 'Domain 1/postname'.
    How can i correct this. I just don't want 'Domain 1' anywhere in the site. What should i do.
    I need to have everything done within 24 hrs as its a contest which ends in 24 hrs
    Any help will be appreciated.

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    If you have supercache or something like that installed you probably have to clear the cache files.


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    You can only operate a WordPress database under one domain name. The domain name is stored in WordPress.

    When you change the domain name, there are two places in the WordPress database that need to be changed.

    Use phpMyAdmin.

    Select your WordPress database

    Select the options table

    In the option_value column, look for the values called site_url and home. You must change the option_name column associated with each of these to reflect your new domain name.

    If you are using the upload feature, you may need to select a new upload path because your server path probably changed with the new domain name.

    That should fix it.
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    @Aussie : No, i havent installed wp-supercache yet.

    @Topdogger - Thanks , i'll try that now.

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