Hey Guys,
I'll be needing some quick help here.
Ok, i've installed wordpress in a folder in my shared hosting account, say :
'Domain 1' was pointing to this folder when i set up the site and after completeion of the site i decided to use 'Domain 2' for the site.
So from my 'Domain Pointing Manager' i set up 'Domain 2' to point to the /xyz/ folder where Wordpress is installed. So now 'Domain 1' and 'Domain 2' both are pointing to the same folder.

Everything is kinda fine, when i type in 'Domain 2' in the address bar, the site opens and works fine but all other pages apart from the homepage have the address 'Domain 1/postname'.
How can i correct this. I just don't want 'Domain 1' anywhere in the site. What should i do.
I need to have everything done within 24 hrs as its a contest which ends in 24 hrs
Any help will be appreciated.