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  1. Wordpress eCommerce Plugins

    Has anyone used WP e-Commerce, or one of the alternatives?

    If so, what did you think? How is Wordpress as an eCommerce platform?
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    Just joined in their forums and i saw a review like this:

    " Yes, an ecommerce platform is definitely useless without support or at least a community that can help. Too bad, it looked promising. " by a user called " sung"

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    I saw this today

    Create an eCommerce Website with WordPress in under 5 minutes

    The video is interesting, but read the comments.
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    Thanks for the video!
    It helped me a lot!

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    There are few themes out in the market which will work perfectly as an ecommerce platform, but i feel that Magento + Wordpress Setup would be an ideal solution, because the rich features and felxibilty of Magento with Wordpress capabilities as a CMS will be a perfect match.
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