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Thread: wordpress + forum ?

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    wordpress + forum ?

    anyone come across good wordpress + forum plugin ?
    i'm not looking for full solution forum, just some simple forum work as Open customer service ....

    Any recommendation ?


  2. For a more powerful option there is Simple:Press which is fully integrated in Wordpress. It's not great looking, but has lots of features. As a simpler option there's bbPress which might be enough for your needs, and I think it's also integrated (it's made by the same company that makes Wordpress).

  3. i find mybb forum a better option as there are lots of plugins for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garfish View Post
    i find mybb forum a better option as there are lots of plugins for it.
    i think that will be too complicated
    prefer something simple, basically act like customer support but open platform

  5. MyBB is great, but it doesn't have smooth integration with Wordpress (just a bridge IIRC).

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    Seen a few wordpress blogs use this one.
    I came close to putting it on a blog myself.
    Mingle Forum Plugin for WordPress |

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    You can embed a small embedded forum as per your requirement.
    You can see my forum though it is inactive currently but its just example..
    Dental Care Tips

    It is embeded with talkie.
    you can also use nabber.

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