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    I am currently using the Wordpress Global Translator Plugin on my Affiliate Manager blog and it has given me some great results. The plugin is easy to install and will automatically translate your wordpress posts into 35 different languages.

    I posted some results from using the plugin here and if you run a Wordpress blog you think is ready by any international users I defintily suggest you try it out. I have affiliates from all over the world and I think they really appreciate being able to read my posts in their own language. I can tell sometimes when I call them that they really struggle with english and I think this really encourages them to read my blog considering all the e-mails we send out at to our affiliates are in english.

    However, I didn't just do this for my affiliates. I took four years of German in high school and I've recently found myself to be thinking in german more and missing reading it. So, I now read my own posts in german to help me practice

    Was denkst du?
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