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Thread: Wordpress A Good Blog For Seo?

  1. I appreciate that WordPress blog is good for SEO job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Lawson View Post
    I WordPress a good blog for SEO, I know they have some good SEO plug-ins but do they work and get you somewhere? Anyone with experience care to explain.
    Wordpress offers great benefits that comes with free blogging and user -friendly site with huge selection of themes and designs that makes the web design the professionally. As my experience content is the main thing for blog success. Powerful content site that attract good amount of traffic to the blogs.
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    I get asked a lot about WordPress’ suitability for search engine rankings. WordPress’ reputation and having a sound foundation for SEO has certainly seeped into the public’s mind

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    Wordpress is a pretty good platform for blogging about SEO and in itself can be a good tool for SEO for content delivery and blogosphere integration.

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    There are a few drawbacks with WordPress, but like most things SEO, it’s really about the cumulative effect of everything. Overall, we’d grade WordPress an A- on it’s suitability and power for SEO purposes. But it’s so good at so many things, that it presents a compelling story overall.

  6. Of course. I have been almost five year using wordpress platform and integrated with SEO plugin. If you want maximize your SEO in your blog, use only wordpress platform and install the some SEO plugin inside.

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    Wordpress may become bad for SEO of affiliate sites since so many internet marketing warriors seem to use it exclusively for thin content affiliate sites rather than for genuine blogs where there is community involvement in the comments, and well-written, timely blog posts.

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    Wordpress is just a CMS. If you are using it as it is, you have to focus on the SEO. Otherwise, some plugins can do partially the job for you by highlighting the main SEO points what you may have missed.

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    And I will add that themes are the ones that can be SEO compliant. If you have to choose or buy one, just analyze that aspect before amongst others. It would be better if it already incorporate tools or admin interface containing SEO fields.
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  10. If you're operating on a good clean theme, then yes, Wordpress can be good straight out the box for SEO. But it's best to use plugins to optimize it further - as well as do good onpage SEO.

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