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Thread: Wordpress A Good Blog For Seo?

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    I WordPress a good blog for SEO, I know they have some good SEO plug-ins but do they work and get you somewhere? Anyone with experience care to explain.

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    Wordpress is so good with its built-in SEO, it does not need any other plug-ins.

    All you really need to do it change the permalink structure so that the URL has the post title in it, and your good to go.

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    WordPress is not that great out of the box for SEO because it can display the same content many times depending on the Theme used. So instead of the_content() function in archives and lists of posts, the template should use the_excerpt() function but some don't, resulting in lists of full posts on various pages.

    The SEO plugins help by adding the robots meta tags to not index archives, but I think it's better to make sure that the theme is optimized for SEO and let the search engines index the archives in that case.

    Some theme designers don't have a clue about SEO, so they may not make best use of heading tags, excerpts and navigation links.

    In summary, WordPress can be good for SEO, but needs to be configured correctly by setting up the permalinks and theme templates.

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    I completely agree with Andy's comments.
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  5. Wordpress is not good "out of the box". You'll need:

    WordPress › All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugins
    Instant WP Setup | SEO Automatic - It's Not Rocket Science

    You should always social bookmark every single blog post that you post, as well.
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    WordPress is an interesting tool. Completely out of the box, no, it's not that great. However, by adding a few little things to it, suddenly you've got an incredibly powerful SEO machine. What I would suggest--as a lot of people have already suggested--is the All in One SEO Pack. This is very powerful and it'll help you to really develop your site.

    However, if you're serious about making some money on your blog, I'd suggest investing in a premium theme. I don't mean spending a few grand, but at least get something basic that is designed for search engines. I'd suggest using the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. It's built with SEO and Security in mind, so the product you're going to get is incredible. For the most part, it's the only themes I use on my site.

  7. Wordpress is easy to use and has lots of great themes. Best tool to create blog based websites

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    I vote for wordpress too, is simple and plenty of seo plugin, just install, configure then u good to go .....

    And it cheaper to hire wordpress freelancer then any other cms too ....

  9. Wordpress, out of the box, is not good for SEO. You'll need to do a bunch of tweaks to it in order to make is search engine friendly.

    I always add these plugins which really help:
    - all in one seo pack
    - seo auttomatic core tweaks

    Those plugins take care of a lot of issues, and to make it even more seo friendly I usually will go with categories OR tags, not both of them. I always remove anything that creates links to view posts by date, as well. Too much duplicate content is created.
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  10. Yeah. Wordpress is good for seo but to make it better, you need to add some plug-ins to make it more search engine friendly. Like all-in-one seo pack so that you can add the meta tags, title, and descriptions. Moreover, remember that no matter what CMS you use, you still need to do some search engine marketing and seo tips to make your site more visible to search engines.

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