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    I installed wordpress a while back and then then just left it for a month or so. Now i just logged on today and i have updates for plugins and wordpress itself, when I go to update it asks me for connection information. Also if i want to add new plugins i have to add them through ftp. It wont let me do any of these things through the wp admin panel, what do you think I have done wrong. I figured i didnt change some file permission that should have been changed. Thanks

    Here are the things it asks me for.

    Connection Information

    To perform the requested action, connection information is required.
    Hostname Username Password Connection Type Connection Type FTP

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    Should you fill in information?
    Hostname is usually localhost
    Username is your username
    Password is your password

    After that it should work
    |Nico Lawsons

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    try upgrading it manually...

  4. I know how to upgrade it manually and install the plugins manually, but what I am asking is what have I set up wrong so that i cant just do all of this from the admin panel like I normally should be able to do without entering this info, after I enter it, it ends up not working anyways

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    There must be a config.php file. Put the host, user name and password information over there and you are done. the host name is your host IP

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    Here, I took a SS for you... is this what you're seeing?

    If so, you didn't do anything wrong and there is no error.

    I have set hostname to my site's IP Address. ( should work as well)
    Username and Password are what you'd use to access FTP.

    Once you click 'Proceed' it should upgrade automatically and all is well.

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    What version of wordpress are you using? One month was a long time ago.

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    Better to install the new version from scratch if you not done anything with it.

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