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Thread: Wordpress Obfuscated Code. Need to Remove It.

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    Wordpress Obfuscated Code. Need to Remove It.

    Ok guys I downloaded this awesome theme from skinpress and they have obfuscated code in their header.php and functions.php.

    NOT in the footer.php. The footer has sponsored links.

    I don't mind the sponsored links but I want the code on my site clean.

    The code is in rot13 which I decoded. The obfuscated code in header.php calls the obfuscated code in functions.php to ensures that the footer link are intact.

    I think it notifies the theme owner/sponsor if any site removes the footer link. I want these codes to begone from my site.

    But when I remove them, they break the entire theme. How can I remove them??

    Obfuscated codes:


    PHP Code:
    <?php eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_s_sbbgre(){vs(!(shapgvba_rkvfgf("purpx_sbbgre")&&shapgvba_rkvfgf("purpx_urnqre"))){rpub(\'Guvf gurzr vf eryrnfrq haqre perngvir pbzzbaf yvprapr, nyy yvaxf va gur sbbgre fubhyq erznva vagnpg\');qvr;}}purpx_s_sbbgre();'));eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_shapgvbaf(){vs(!svyr_rkvfgf(qveanzr(__SVYR__)."/shapgvbaf.cuc")){rpub(\'Guvf gurzr vf eryrnfrq haqre perngvir pbzzbaf yvprapr, nyy yvaxf va gur sbbgre fubhyq erznva vagnpg\');qvr;}}purpx_shapgvbaf();')); ?>
    PHP Code:
    eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_sbbgre(){$y=\'<o><n uers="uggc://jjj.fxvacerff.pbz/">Serr Jbeqcerff Gurzrf</n></o> Qrfvtarq ol <o><n uers="uggc://jjj.npgvirgenvy.pbz/">Rznvy Znexrgvat</n></o> naq <o><n uers="uggc://jjj.npnqrzvpnqivfbewbof.pbz/">Nqivfbe Wbof</n></o>\';$s=qveanzr(__SVYR__).\'/sbbgre.cuc\';$sq=sbcra($s,\'e\');$p=sernq($sq,svyrfvmr($s));spybfr($sq);vs(fgecbf($p,$y)==0){rpub(\'Guvf gurzr vf eryrnfrq haqre perngvir pbzzbaf yvprapr, nyy yvaxf va gur sbbgre fubhyq erznva vagnpg\');qvr;}}purpx_sbbgre();')); eval(str_rot13('shapgvba purpx_urnqre(){vs(!(shapgvba_rkvfgf("purpx_shapgvbaf")&&shapgvba_rkvfgf("purpx_s_sbbgre"))){rpub(\'Guvf gurzr vf eryrnfrq haqre perngvir pbzzbaf yvprapr, nyy yvaxf va gur sbbgre fubhyq erznva vagnpg\');qvr;}}')); 



    PHP Code:
    <?php eval(str_rot13('function check_f_footer(){if(!(function_exists("check_footer")&&function_exists("check_header"))){echo(\'This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the footer should remain intact\');
    riny(fge_ebg13('function check_functions(){if(!file_exists(dirname(__FILE__)."/functions.php")){echo(\'This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the footer should remain intact\');
    PHP Code:
    <?php eval(str_rot13('function check_footer(){$l=\'<b><a href="">Free Wordpress Themes</a></b> Designed by <b><a href="">Email Marketing</a></b> and <b><a href="">Advisor Jobs</a></b>\';
    if(strpos($c,$l)==0){echo(\'This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the footer should remain intact\');
    riny(fge_ebg13('function check_header(){if(!(function_exists("check_functions")&&function_exists("check_f_footer"))){echo(\'This theme is released under creative commons licence, all links in the footer should remain intact\');
    In case they cannot be removed, are they safe?? is a trustworthy site btw.
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