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Thread: Wordpress plugins a website can't go without

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    Wordpress plugins a website can't go without

    What Wordpress plugins do you use in your websites? Are there any that you MUST install and that you can't go without?

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    That's pretty easy.

    1. Make sure that you activate Akismet. This is the best plugin ever developed.
    2. All-In-One-SEO pack

    Other plugins that I find to be very useful, although I could live without them.

    3. Lester Chan's wp-useronline
    4. Sociable
    5. wp-security-scan - to check install
    6. wp-super-cache
    7. google-sitemap-generator
    8. wp-db-backup
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  3. Our standard plugins right now are:

    • akismet
    • all-in-one-adsense-and-ypn
    • all-in-one-seo-pack
    • flexi-pages-widget
    • karailievs-sitemap
    • limit-post.php
    • seo-image
    • sociable
    • wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin
    • wp-pagenavi
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  4. I really like the "related posts" plugin (there are a few that do it, actually). The ones that show a list of links to your blog posts that are related to that post.

    I would also say that adding a plugin that's going to handle the canonical 301 issues (i.e., 301 redirecting to is also important.
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    For me, the core three that I have activated are:

    Akismet (duh)
    All in One Adsense and YPN
    All in One SEO Pack

    But I am a bit of a wannabe newbie lamer, so I'll probably add some more as I get old.

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    My Standard Setup includes:

    All in One SEO Pack
    Break Out Frames
    Global Translator
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Related Posts

    Sometimes I also use:

    Simple Tags
    Paged Comments
    Nextgen Gallery
    and a few others I don't recall atm.

  7. Hey, this is interesting: on this blog post (see slide number 13), you can see that Matt Cutts of Google: (1) recommends Wordpress (sweet), and (2) uses these plugins:

    Cookies for Comments
    Enforce www. preference
    FeedBurner FeedSmith
    WP Super Cache

    That's gotta say something, no?

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    For me

    Akismet Plugin
    WP DB Backup Plugin
    WP Contact Form Plugin
    Social Bookmarking Plugin
    All In One Seo Plugin

    Popularity Post Plugin
    Similar Post Plugin


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    For me:-

    Most Popular Posts
    WP DB Backup
    Wp super cache
    All In One Seo

    I have stopped using akismet these days, as i removed Comments to make it look like a proper website.
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  10. I'd like to see a lot more responses to this thread, and then a wrap-up where someone counts the "votes" for each plugin.
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