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Thread: Wordpress tag by category ?

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    Wordpress tag by category ?

    Is that possible show ta by category ???

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    Not without a custom plugin that tracks which tags were associated with posts in a particular category. This could be done via the term_group field in the wp_terms database table. I guess that the category ID could be used for the term_group.

    When a post is published, the term_group could be set to the category ID for all the associated tags.

    Maybe a plugin for this is already available?

    Anyway, what do you want to display? A Tag cloud in a category archive????????

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    just try to separate tag under different cat so user can choose which tag to click on right category, won't waste their time

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    I'm pretty sure that the approach I suggested is the way forward

    Do you want me to code it for you? If so PM me with URLs of sites and before/after concept images.

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    Thanks ..... is still on concept base, pretty busy with some other thing now (wp DB issue again) .....

    andy btw can u do wordpress sphinx search ??

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