I concluded that I or anyone have all rights to remove site links which are coded usually in footer.php of the Wordpress themes. My claims are based on this text bellow.

I already mentioned that Software Freedom Law Center concluded that
themes for Wordpress are derivative works of Wordpress, which means that php files of the themes need to comply with the GPL licence of the Wordpress. However images and css don't have requirements to comply with GPL since they are distinct works.

WordPress › Blog Themes are GPL, too

In short:
In conclusion, the WordPress themes supplied contain elements that are derivative of WordPress’s copyrighted code. These themes, being collections of distinct works (images, CSS files, PHP files), need not be GPL-licensed as a whole. Rather, the PHP files are subject to the requirements of the GPL while the images and CSS are not. Third-party developers of such themes may apply restrictive copyrights to these elements if they wish.
Now if we proceed with above fact, this give us, the ordinary users, right to freely download theme and fix or change footer.php to our needs as footer.php is wordpress derivative work. That basically mean that owner of theme can only incorporate his logo in design which must be there, but all links inside the themes can be freely changed.

And theme owner cant do anything against user who brake theme author imagined and not moral rule (it brake GPL licence).

Since Pro WP theme clubs realized that, they mostly decided to go GPL, and with this fact you can download theme from many clubs for free somewhere from internet completely legally, since GPL licence give needed permisions to people to share theme files.

Some of the clubs which are very well known and which went GPL for example are: Woo Themes, Revolution Themes, VIVO themes, and similar...
Complete list can be seen here

Now from moral side my view is next:
Its not my or ordinary user problem, to bother our heads why author of the some fictive theme did not read the GPL licence of the Wordpress and made his theme compliant to it. He could pick some other platform to earn money on it.
Wordpress gave me freedom to do with the core theme files except images and css whatever I want. I know people will say, its not moral thing to do to change files without permissions, but its not my moral in question, its the theme owners.
If something is under GPL all derivative works need to be under GPL too.

I would like to hear your thoughts? Maybe I am wrong and I would really accept any constructive idea or fact what would force me to change my mind?