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Thread: Wp Admin becomes Page Not Found

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    The standard login was working fine. The sites were installed last spring and using Wordpress 2.9.1. I haven't updated any of the sites in a while. But, now I'm trying to login and get a page not found error.

    Upgrading to Wordpress 3.04 via ftp resolves the problem.
    The real strange part is that it happened to multiple sites.

    Blame it on Bush (Obama would), a hacker, or voodoo.

    It was probably voodoo. Upgrading WordPress strengthened the mojo and resolved the issue.
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    I got this error again on another site and didn't even remember this thread until finding it on Google. Anyway, I deleted the old Wordpress site via FTP and did a clean re-install of the latest version of Wordpress. A couple of things though: (1) do no delete the content fold and (2) back-up the old wp-config file.

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