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Thread: WPMU plugin help needed

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    WPMU plugin help needed

    If your familiar with wpmu how would go about having plugins for the main admin only and a separate set for the users? Using the mu-plugins & plugin folder doesnt do this and there are some plugins I want to run on the main site I don't want to be used on other sites.

    Would be plugins like adsense-share-mu.php i dont want users to have this plugin in there folder there are more but this get the point across.

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    I ran WPMU for the last 2 yrs and just shut it down to many splogs

    There are two different places that plugin can be placed. But I am not looking at my back end anymore. Also a place in the admin that when you activate the plugin it will ask if you want it global say no.

    I wish I could help you more.

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